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The basic motivation for foundation of Pak-Fan Composite Sharif Company has been the conversion of successful achievements from dedicated research works, conducted by the founders in Sharif University of Technology, to quality friction products for brake manufacturing industries. Indeed, the basic research works were initiated in 2003 based on a right understanding about the modern technologies concerning the brake composite friction materials, but it soon switched to applied researches and engineering design for a wide range of light and heavy vehicles on roads to railroad vehicles. Such dedicated researches led to development of knowledge-based technology in the country for composite friction materials formulations which is now flexible to design and develop any new friction composite formulations adopted for current and future technologies.
Established in 2020, Pak-Fan Composite Sharif is unique in its own kind across the country, as it exclusively produces composite brake friction compounds and offers them to variety of brake friction materials manufacturers. Presently, production lines of Pak-Fan Composite Sharif have been designed to produce two important classes of most demanded composite friction compounds including low steel series with trade name of
Pak-Fan Steel and non-asbestos organic (NAO) or Ceramic series with trade name of Pak-Fan Ceram which are now available to offer the customers in large scale.
By producing quality composite friction compounds, Pak-Fan Composite Sharif aims to resolve difficulties and challenges associated to design and development of composite friction materials formulations that every brake manufacturers encounter. Actually, the design and development of formulations for any new friction composites to produce reliable industrial products need to spend severe and lengthy testing protocols with skilful experts which are often time-consuming and costly for individual brake friction materials manufacturers. Therefore, our mission in Pak-Fan Composite Sharif is to be reliable partner for every brake pad and brake lining manufacturers to supply desirable composite friction compounds.
In Pak-Fan Composite Sharif, we committed to produce premium quality friction compounds for brake systems that meet world-class friction materials for today’s modern vehicles with special focus on the overcome current global environmental concerns in this respect. Production of friction compounds free of any harmful and prohibited ingredients and movement toward green friction compounds are central goal of Pak-Fan Composite Sharif. Continued research, innovative development & engineering and extensive road testing of our products are the focal points of Pak-Fan Composite Sharif to get much quality and environmentally friendly friction compounds. Technical and engineering supports of the customers during supplying friction compounds and during the manufacturing processes to get quality final composite friction materials demanded by markets are also our commitments which every brake manufacturer can rely on.